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A dump truck comes in many different sizes, for example you have your standard dump truck size and then you have your articulated dump truck. Both are heavy duty pieces of industrial equipment. With all the different sizes of dump trucks, they all have a different dump truck capacity. If you’re looking to haul a standard load of gravel then you’ll want to use just a standard size dump truck. But if you’re looking to haul 50 tons of rock then you might want to think about using a little bigger truck. Let’s go over a few of the different styles of dump trucks.

Your standard dump truck is a truck with a dump body mounted to the frame of the truck. The bed is raised by a hydraulic system that is mounted under the front of the dump bed, and in between the frames. The back of the bed is hinged to the truck at the rear. Standard size dump trucks have one axle in the front and usually one or more axles in the back, that most of the time they have dual wheels on each side. The standard dump truck is a more maneuverable truck than most, higher capacity trucks. The standard dump truck capacity is around 20 tons, however these dump truck capacities will differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. You can generally find these dump trucks for sale at any kind of farming or commercial equipment retailer and also at construction equipment auctions. The standard dump truck capacity should be more than enough for small contractor jobs.

The articulated dump truck is more commonly known as the “Yuke” in the construction world. The articulated dump truck is a very heavy duty dump truck which is seen a lot on the road doing road work or hauling rocks. The articulated dump truck has a hinge in between the cab and the box, but the cab is permanent and you cannot remove the box like you can a semi. These dump trucks are used for the rough hard work of road maintenance or logging and mining. The articulated dump truck capacity ranges between 30-40 tons depending on what is being hauled. With the bigger dump truck load capacity, articulated dump trucks for sale can be found at auctions or heavy machinery retailers. You can get an even bigger capacities such as a 10 wheel dump truck capacity if needed.

A transfer dump truck is a standard truck that has a second trailer attached to it that can also be loaded with the material that needs to be hauled. The second box rolls on smaller wheels and is connected to the main box by rails. With having a second box on the back, this dump truck sacrifices its maneuverability. The transfer dump can hold around 20 tons in each box. The transfer dump truck can be found for sale online and at retailers. Medium duty truck parts should also be readably available if you need spare parts.

“How much does a dump truck hold?” is a question that depends on what size dump box you have. If you have a box that can haul 10 CY (cubic yards) of gravel then it will hold 13.5 tons of gravel. The larger the box; the more the capacity of a dump truck and the more it can hold.

Used dump truck values are determined by a variety of factors including (but not limited to) the age, size, capacity, damage, body shape, and condition of the engine. These and other factors are all utilized in determining used dump truck values. You should consult a dealer's price guide for more information.

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